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Arte Agave NYC | A Latin Cultural Experience via Cocktails, Food, Arts and Entertainment

Arte Agave is a fun multi-sensory festival featuring a collective of fine tequilas and mezcal vendors, latin arts and entertainment. Every year between mid-September and early October, the festival tours four cities from DC - NYC - LA and ATX. I've been covering the festival for a few years now, pre-covid....virtually during the pandemic, and of course the latest shindig that happened three weeks ago in New York at the Bowery Hotel.

If you love a good cocktail festival with a focus on culture from arts, entertainment, food and unlimited hand-crafted cocktails based on the various types of fine agave, then this is an event to experience via your nearest city mentioned above.

Sharing a few recaps from the New York festival for you to enjoy, and hopefully prompt you to checkout the next one happening on October 14th, in Austin Texas. However, if you miss the tour this year, there's always next year....just be sure to save this post to your "best cocktail festivals in DC - NYC - LA - ATX."


SANTERA: One of the first cocktails I had for the evening, very delicious.

IGNITE: Margarita delicious

mexican tamarind...fresh lime...agave syrup...torched rosemary ...piquin rim

IGNITE: Paloma

ruby red grapefruit...fresh lemon...roasted chile de arbol nectar...tajin rim



ILEGAL MEZCAL: tasty cocktails

DOBEL TEQUILA: refreshing cocktails


So there you have it, a glimpse into the arte agave festival that’s touring near a city near you. Next stop, Austin Texas on October 14th. Experience unlimited cocktails, bites and entertainment

Hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE blog, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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