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5 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

1. Smile More

There are quite a few good reasons to smile. For one, it helps to boost your immune system, and who doesn't love a good immune booster. If there's nothing immediately to smile about, think of a happy moment from a past experience, or something exciting you're looking forward to. A smile for the simplest reason is sure to improve your mood, and aids as a stress reliever. So go ahead, smile :-)

2. Pamper Yourself More

Those once in awhile sessions aren't good enough. You have to make it a ritual, schedule it weekly or monthly if it helps to remind you. Allow yourself to get use to the idea of that frequency in luxury, to anticipate the next session because you know it's gonna be awesome. That excitement will sometimes motivate you when you're having an off day....

There are a few good sites out there that offers discounts to luxury spa services like pulsd, of course groupon, and anywhere from getting your nails done, hot stone massages, foot massages aka reflexology, and facials.

DIY is also another major way to pamper yourself. Some ideas to start things off includes setting up the space for whatever you're going to do. For example, if you're going for a relaxing bubble bath with candle lights, and all the other fluffs, you'll want to clean your space. Not just one room, but the whole apartment, or house. This makes all the difference, once you set that bath, add the bath bombs/salt/oils, place the candles, add the floral petals...slipping into that curated magic will feel like heaven.

3. Treat Yourself To A Date

You heard right, when was the last time you treated yourself as if you were taking someone on a date. Schedule a self-care day that can also serve as a fancy date for one, YOU. Buy yourself some flowers, include that pampering sesh mentioned above either professionally with savings or DIY. After, go out to lunch or dinner...table for one isn't as scary as it once were, infact it's become second nature these days. You see solo diners all the time in coffee shops. Remember that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw had lunch alone without her squad, and ended up loving the experience.

4. Acknowledge Your Wins

How did you feel about your last big accomplishment? Did it came and went in a New York minute, or did you stop and took a deep breathe to let it sink in? Allowing yourself to acknowledge your big wins is a BIG deal. Do whatever you can to celebrate, share with friends and family, or if you're more on the private spectrum...throw a private celebratory shindig.

5. Activate Your Sexy

Think about that for a minute. What actions/curated experiences, or things makes you feel sexy that you haven't engaged with for awhile? This area is unique to most women, but there're a few globally shared common thread in curated experiences. Think pamper sessions mentioned above like pro/DIY spas, taking classes like dirty dancing, sexy how-to's, doing a sexy boudoir photoshoot, slipping into something revealing that compliments your curves, cooking in the nude, treating yourself to a few adult toys...etc.

You are a goddess! Take the time to be kinder to yourself. Yes, life can get in the way most times forcing you to delay your joy, but you have to prioritize YOU. Take note of these shared tips, and apply what you can to your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading

Let's live our best life daily.

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