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BiCE Cucina Soho | Discover One Of The Best New Restaurant In NYC To Offer Authentic Italian Cuisine

BiCE Cucina Soho is the 2nd location in the New York franchise from its sister location, the first, located on West 55th street in midtown. The soho location is the newest edition to the neighborhood, and it's a must try whenever you're in the soho area looking to grab a bite with the gang, and/or family. The restaurant offers an authentic Italian dining experience, with a focus on customer service and quality dishes for everyone to enjoy. The space outdoors offers a lovely seating area surrounded with greeneries for that sidewalk eatery vibes, and inside offers a warm ambience with decor features that includes glossy tabletops, white chairs, a faux tree installation with lights, and giant crystals.

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted by the staff including the host and co-owner to BiCE, Raffaele Ruggeri. He's such a charismatic person, and as we conversed on what I'd like to try for the can tell just how passionate he is about the business, and food served across all his restaurants, internationally. Fun fact, the title "BiCE" is named after his grandmother Beatrice Ruggeri, a well known chef back in Milano many years ago. So you see, the BiCE famiglia not only thrives on history, but on making new traditions for the 3rd and 4th generations onward.

The dishes tasted were a mix of small bites you can order anytime, a main pasta dish recommended by Raffaele, and a hearty pizza. The recommended pasta dish served was the Tagliolini Aragosta...fresh lobster, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bisque, cream, and fresh basil. The pasta was a good eat, I enjoyed the taste, texture and quantity of lobster pieces within the serving. The pizza was a Classic Margherita made from dough that sat for 48 hours compared to other dough sit times. It's made up of 1 part regular flour, soy and rice flour which is lighter to digest. The taste, a light and slight crunchy crust...soft bodied pizza complimented by the essence of fresh basil. The small bites included Fried Lasagna with a touch of tomato sauce, and Ricotta Cheese Balls with pistachio tartlets and spicy honey.

As for the drinks, 5 of their signature cocktails were tasted. Below, you’ll find the visuals with ingredients.



the EATS



Map it: 📍15 Watts Street, Soho NYC

So there you have it, time to head to soho and check out New York's latest restaurant. Happy hour starts at 5 to 7, with half off pizzas, $5 beers and $8 wines....cocktails TBD. There's also a live DJ that will be spinning tunes on the weekends starting at come through, eat and vibe.

Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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