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Black History at Facebook


Facebook hosted a Black History Month panel (at the end of February) featuring five movers and shakers in media industry. The panelists included DJ Olivia Dope (Celebrity DJ/Media Personality/Writer)), Natasha S. Alford (Deputy Editor at TheGrio)), Rondel Holder ( CEO Soul Society 101), and Kozza Babumba ( Director of Brand Social at BET)... hosted by Daniell Young ( Producer/Journalist at ESSENCE).

The panelists covered various topics that the black community faces, snippets from the past of how we came to be in modern times, personal struggles, celebrity impacts, and what we can do to help our culture be more respected and be taken seriously. The conversation wasn't just a one way street from stage to audience, questions and comments were encouraged throughout the panel discussions. In discussing the survival of black communities amongst white, one commenter stated "we imitate for survival, and they imitate for profit." I thought that was quiet powerful.

The event overall was pretty dope. Panelists encouraged we make a more conscious effort to support black owned businesses, do sponsorships if you're in a position of power to help the next youth, and the power behind knowing that your truth begins with you.

Much thanks to Facebook for having me apart of the evening.

And to you my readers, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you enjoyed your visit.


Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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