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BLM (taking action) + 44 Black-Owned Businesses To Support

(now and forever)

It's been an overwhelming few weeks between COVID 19 and the unfortunate lost of black lives due to racism, and the negligent behavior of police officers across the US. Social media, and official news outlets bore witness to videos of police officers who were inhumane/displayed disgusting behaviors towards black victims. In most cases those victims were already secured, so it became clear that the officers were/are being racist towards the black community. Police brutality towards black people isn't something new, but in recent times it's clear that these officers have completely lost their f*cking minds. A major example of such behavior is of course the George Floyd case. Like WHAT THE FUCK! Protesters took to the streets across America demanding justice, not just for George, but for other victims (Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Botham Jean, Tamir Rice) to name a few, who have unfortunately lost their lives due to misconduct/plain ass STUPIDITY. Hearts are broken, and we're seeking justice. The fight for change through petitions, and protesters engraving BLM in minds of white supremacists will be remembered throughout history.

#BLM aka Black Lives Matter is now bigger than ever. It's catching fire. The streets and social media platforms are amplifying black voices across the board. The goal is to be heard of course, to be seen as equals despite the melanin in our skin, show strength in unity, and let it be known we ain't going nowhere. We matter too.

Due to the rising BLM movement, black businesses have been gaining some momentum as far as awareness and gaining support. Social media have been kind to post, tweet and reshared black-owned businesses from different industries... anywhere from beauty to fashion. I've been observing all the love and positive energy that's been flowing across my Instagram feed (cause that's been my main squeeze, socially) supporting these businesses, and wanted to share a few I've managed to curate myself.

Before moving to the business list though, if you haven't already taken any action to support the justice we seek/BLM movement...here are a few links you can explore. I've signed a few petitions myself and donated as well.

I've signed Breonna's petition, direct link at Change.com

I've donated to Breonna's GoFundMe, direct link at GoFundMe.com

I've signed George's petition and donated, direct link at change.com + Naacp,com

I've signed and sent messages to the mayor via Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

direct link to defund the police at Defund The Police

Donated to Ahmaud's GoFundMe, direct link at GoFundMe.com

There are so many other platforms/sites you can visit to sign petitions, and/or donate. Here are just a few more sites you can visit to support BLM movement, and seek justice.

Color Of Change


Black-led organization supporting criminal Justice

Black Lives Matter


North Star Fund


a campaign built to end discriminatory police actions through New York

ActBlue Bail Funds


you can donate to bail funds for protesters, and innocent bystanders arrested across the states. Donate to your preferred bail community, or all at once split 12 ways.

FYI ---

What You Need To Know | The Legal Aid Society



and now, here are a few...

(there are soooo many brands, but these are my chosen few)

Daniella Moné Photography

a boutique portrait studio in Brooklyn NY. She invites you to celebrate your life with a customized luxury photography experience. Visit Daniellamone.com for more info.

Elléments Magazine

fashion and beauty editorials for your viewing pleasure. Visit Elléments to shop issues


a submission based magazine featuring creatives in the beauty, photography, hair & wardrobe styling, performance, and influencer industry. Stunning editorials...visit InBlackMagazine to browse and buy prints.

Reyna Noriega

beautiful illustrations for your space, and/or as gifts. Visit ReynaNoriega.com for more info and shop.


online media covering industry news in high-fashion for people of color. Visit VolatileOnline.com for more info, and subscribe.


Mented Cosmetics

a brand created by two brown skin sistas, offering the perfect pigmented beauty products for any skin tone. Visit Mentedcosmetics.com for more info and shop.


a beauty and wellness brand founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and her partner Issey Kobori, creating products that not only looks good, and tastes good, it also makes you feel good all over. Good vibes only. Visit GLODE.co for more info.

Black Girl Sunscreen

what's this witchery, sunscreen specially made for black girls you say? No white residue or chalky look left behind, yes please. Visit Blackgirlsunscreen.com for more info.

Pssst....You can grab one at target asap.


get customized press-on nails to compliment your fashion lifestyle. Get the app at Nailstry

AUDA B Beauty

create your own nail experience with these "luxury vegan nail lacquers and treatments." Visit AudaBBeauty.com for more info and shop.

Buttered By Kenya

buttered by kenya is a luxurious all-natural skincare line. Visit ButteredByKenya.com for more info and shop.

Buttah Skin

skincare for men and women with ingredients derived from natural sources. Visit ButtahSkin.com for more info and shop.

fashion // accessories...

MATEO -- Jewelry

Jamaican-born accessories designer Mateo gives us high-end luxury fine jewelry for the modern women, crafted with simplicity and minimalism. Visit the world of Mateo and shop Mateonewyork.com

HANIFA -- Fashion

Hanifa presents "Pink Label Congo." Inspired by women of the past, this collection was crafted to empower women of today, allowing them to "stand tall in their power...redesign their future."The brand recently showcased a 3D fashion on social media, it's pretty next level. Visit hanifa.co

for moe info.

B FYNE -- Fashion

Nigerian-American designer Buki Ade gives us "cultural design inclusive swimwear." Bold colors and prints made to wrap your curves up in a super-sexy way. Visit Bfyne.com to browse

for more info.

ENZI footwear --mens fashion

ENZI is a premium footwear brand made in Ethiopia. With top quality craftsmanship, and refined fashion styles, ENZI is setting records becoming a global success. Visit EnziFootwear.com for more info and shop.

Southern Gents --mens fashion

southern gents offers a collection that dresses the gents in stylish pieces from tuxedo blazers, fedoras, top boots and more. Visit S-Gents.com for more info and shop

G La Belle NYC -- Fashion

a luxury fast-fashion online boutique. Visit GLaBelle.com for more info and shop

JLANI Jewels -- Jewelry

eco-friendly and sustainable jewelries created by Lani Nesbit. Visit JLaniJewels.com for more info and shop.

Divine Spirals -- Jewelry

handmade african inspired jewelry by Nadia . Visit her etsy store Divine Spirals for more info and shop.

Lingua Nigra -- Jewelry

handcrafted organic jewelries made in brooklyn. Visit the etsy store Lingua Nigra for more info and shop.


The Cupcake Collection

are you a cupcake lover, well how about some homemade tasty sweets? The brand was founded by Mignon Francois in Nashville TN, and has been a hit ever since. Visit Thecupcakecollection.com for more info.


if you love sipping champagne and sparkling wines, you'll appreciate this brand. It's a subscription box featuring small portions of different wines to try on a bi-monthly basis, so that you don't have to commit to a full size version....unless you really loved what you've tried from the box. Visit theSipsociety.com for more info.

La Fête Rosé

a name that translate to "the rosé party," created by Donae Burston to not only include minorities, but "people from all walks of life." Grab your wallets and snatch up a bottle $25, portions of the proceeds goes to programs like "color of change" to help with racial justice amongst other programs .Visit LaFeteRose.com for more info and shop.

Yummy Spoonfuls

yummy eats for kids, sourced with the highest quality, farm-fresh and organic ingredients. Visit Yummyspoonfuls.com for more

Ponty Bistro

"african and french cuisines with mediterranean influences." Visit PontyBistroharlem.com

for more info.

Negril BK

caribbean vibes serving up tasty Jamaican cuisine, from jerk tings to refreshing cocktails. Visit Negrilbk.com for menu and location.

Negril Village


Brooklyn Beso

caribbean and latin vibes, open for takeout and delivery. Visit Brooklynbeso.com for hours and location.

Omar's Kitchen & Rum Bar

island dishes and craft cocktails, bring your appetite to lower manhattan. Visit OmarsKitchennyc.com for hours and location.


The Honey Pot

a feminine care brand created by Beatrice Dixon, featuring plant-based care products such as tampons, panty sprays, pads, lubes and other necessities powered by herbs. Visit TheHoneyPot.co for more info and shop.

b condoms

black-owned condom brand made for some good lovin. Visit bcondoms.com for more

info and shop.

Bedroom Kandi

there's no better time like the present to make room for some grown & sexy time, solo or as a couple. Visit bedroomkandi.com for more info and shop.

Anya Lust

a luxury lingerie collection based in New York featuring curated designs from designers worldwide, and the brand's in-house team. With complimentary shopping services, sit back and let Anya Lust pluck something sexy for you, or that special someone. Learn techniques for better sex and wellness via their online workshops. Visit AnyaLust.com to learn more and reward your curves, including plus sizes.

Love Note Candles

Nya Kam creates brooklyn based candles with love. Hand-poured scented soy in multiple fragrances sure to leave your space smelling great. Visit Lovenotesfragrances.com for more info and shop.

Harlem Candle Company

Teri Johnson created this luxury home fragrance brand inspired by the "richness of harlem." Visit HarlemCandleCompany.com for more info and shop.

The Heart Department Co

handcrafted wooden pieces made to display your favorite photographs, artwork, and/or use for special event decor. Visit the etsy store The Heart Department Co for more info and shop.


nude color performance tights for ladies in the performing arts, and ladies with daily active lifestyles outside the arts. Discover your perfect shade at NudeBarre.com

You Good Sis? --wellness

join this collective of black + brown women for a moment of peace, it's time to hit pause and check-in spiritually and mentally with some yoga, and meditation. Virtual meditations are offered...Visit YouGoodSisYoga.com for more info.

Black Women Talk Tech

founded by black tech entrepreneurs, creating a space for women to build the next tech "billion dollar business." Due to COVID 19, the brand created a relief fund to help businesses in need of moving forward. To help with donations visit Black Tech Relief Fund.

Black-Owned Brooklyn

a curated group of black entrepreneurs showcasing places, good eateries, and lifestyle products throughout brooklyn. Find your next BK treasure at Blackownedbrooklyn.com

The Culture Collective

a curated community of black entrepreneurs that showcases their lifestyle brands throughout the year via popups. Due to COVID 19, The Culture Collective is raising funds to create grants that will aid these businesses. Visit their gofundme to donate.


created by tika sumpter and Thai Randolph for mamas of color. A lifestyle guide to living your sweet mom life. Visit Sugaberry.com for more info.


airbnb travel experiences and events for people of color. Visit Noirbnb.com for more info.

As I mentioned before, there are soooo many other black-owned brands out there. Please feel free to comment any on your radar.

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