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Blogger Meetup, Working w/Brands | via STORY at Macy's

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

On July 13th, The Blogger Union hosted it's first NYC Chapter-meetup at Macy's, via STORY. The event was a panel discussion about how to work with brands, while remaining true to your own personal brand. Blogging tips were dished as the women shared their personal journeys, and experiences to becoming a successful blogger/influencer.

🌺 before reaching out to brands for collaborations, interact with them on social media so they know you've been following their campaigns, and that you are a true fan

🌺 know what your niche is, so when brands reach out to you, you know how to approach the collaborations

🌺 find brands you love and find their PR, reach out

🌺 to land a collaboration, make sure you genuinely like the brand, and don't make it just about the payment...have it be a reflection of YOU

🌺 research the brands that reached out to you

🌺 create a media kit introducing your personal brand/mission, your stats, demographics, prices, services you offer... etc

🌺 when it comes to prices "it's easier to ask for money when a brand reaches out to you" @wanderouskaren


cute STORY setup at Macy's

mix and mingle, while making floral crowns via CRAFTJAM.CO

Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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