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Bottino Restaurant | A Must Try Italian Garden Dining In Chelsea NYC

There is an hidden gem that lies In the heart of Chelsea, and it has one of the most beautiful backyard garden dining setup. The name of such a place is called Bottino Restaurant. Bottino is an italian dining experience located in the city, and due to its ambience and dishes, it can easily be identified as one of the best Italian restaurants in New York. The backyard garden is famous for its year-round special events from weddings, to bridal and baby showers, plus there's also three additional rooms to add to the dining experience. There's the main dining room, then the pool room, and then a third room that's designated for smaller events hosting up to a max of 25 people. The Bottino dining rooms and garden are available to act as separate areas, or open up as a whole for springs' most festive/private events.

As you enter the space from the front door of the restaurant, you're greeted by the wine collection to the right, and as you make your way through the dining rooms and enter the garden, you're immediately secluded in a world outside of towering buildings, and skyscrapers that is New York. The decorative 3D hanging stars in the garden and warm string lights sets the tone for the evening as you dine with your party, or a date. Tables are covered in white linens, complimented by white modern chairs for an overall upscale dining experience + aesthetics.

The staff at Bottino was very friendly. I was greeted by Anthony my main point of contact (manager), served by Sydney (Waitress), and Nam (bartender). As I sat down to look over the menu, I noticed it was just a little after 6pm (opened at 5), and the guests were already filling up the other tables around us..."ooh they're very popular Italian spot."

For this feature, we tasted six signature cocktails (four listed) and three of their small dishes.



• arborio rice croquettes with pancetta, leeks and mozzarella... very cheesy, freshly baked,

highly recommended.


• honey, arugula on a soft baked bread...this is a nice small bite for happy hour, the bread wasn't too hard to bit off.


• arugula, aged balsamic...the veggies here were marinated nicely bringing the overall

dish to life.



• warm cider, angels envy bourbon, spices, citrus... winter friendly with a punch, always a fan.


• elijah craig bourbon, dopo teatro vermouth, luxardo cherry... a bit bitter, reminds

me of a negroni.

HEMMINGWAY...refreshingly sweet, summer vibes.

SUNFLOWER...sweet, decorative dried fruit.

The VIBES (decor)

So there you have it, if you're looking to expand your dining wishlist...check out Bottino in the Chelsea area, you'll love the backyard. The restaurant is located at 246 10th Avenue, New York, NY.

Until next time, thanks for reading my blog.

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