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Toast Of Brooklyn Wine & Food Festival

On October 26th, Toast of Brooklyn held its 12th annual food & wine festival at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and I was invited to attend and discover some new favorites.

My invitation to attend the event came at a surprise. I've attended other wine festivals before, but I don't recall ever going to one that was originally from Brooklyn. I attended the afternoon session which turned out great, because you know....trying to cut back on day drinking :-)

As some of you may know, I love sweet wines red, white or rosé. Therefor, I didn't waste anytime in narrowing down my top favorites.

Below are some snaps of the event, including my favorite sweet tastings, and this really delicious coconut cream liqueur I discovered...highly recommended.


1. RUM-BAR Jamaican Rum // had this mixed in a mai tai kinda cocktail, delicious. I discovered that the brand is one of the few that's a Jamaican-owned rum brand, made in Jamaica.

2. BARTENURA Moscato

3. CoCo Sky // this coconut cream liqueur is so tasty. A blend of gin, sweet cream and coconut water...great on it's own, or mixed in your favorite creamy cocktails.

4. Risata Moscato

5. VeRY wine in the Peach, and Sangria flavors (comes in other flavors).

6. Comsi Comsa • Apple Ripe by Sauvage... tastes of apples in a refreshing blend.

VeRY and Comsi Comsa


Thanks for visiting, please comment and like...happy fall.

Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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