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Casa La Femme | 5 Delicious Cocktails + Bites To Try In West Village

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There's an Egyptian restaurant located in the west village that's beautifully decorated with plush pillows, lux seating, and wooden details via the tables & chairs.

The name is Casa la Femme, and it's outdoor dining area is one of the most beautiful setup I've seen post COVID adaptations with NYC restaurants. Upon arrival to the restaurant (also an event space) you're visually transported to a whole new world where you're made to feel as though you're dining in Egypt with summery accents, sipping some of the best cocktails. staying warm with heated lamps. Tables are setup with dividers to provide comfort in social distancing, hand sanitizers are on every table along with fresh flowers for visuals, and heated lamps to warm you up. For this feature, I had the pleasure of tasting five cocktails, and three dishes that made the overall dining experience very delightful. First up, the drinks.


Quibiscus : Tequila, Cointreau, mixed with our house-made hibiscus syrup, and fresh lemon + lime juice...served on the rocks.

Nana Khiyar : Gin, fresh lime juice, persian cucumber, and mint leaves.... shaken and served on the rocks.

Mango Martini : Vodka served up with fresh mint and mango puree.

Quipuccino : Qui tequila extra anejo expresso martini with Khalua, chocolate and cream

Guava Mintini : Vodka served up with fresh mint, and guava puree.


New Zealand Lamb Chops W/ Fattah rice

Chicken Kebab Platter : 2 Grilled chicken kebob skewers served with tomatoes and peppers over a flat bread of signature cream cheese & green peppers with a spinach salad

Mezzas : House Made Pita Bread

paired with these three delicious selects...


Humus - mixed with chicken pea Spicy Feta - chick peas x fazza beans

The VIBES & Decor Outside...

The VIBES & Decor Inside...

So there you have it, another great find to add to your list of NYC restaurants with heated lamps in the city. The staff/waiters were very nice, and the service was good. Casa La Femme is located at 140 Charles Street in Manhattan.

If you’re new to the site, here are some other cocktails & bites recommendations throughout New York please subscribe for more lifestyle finds.



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