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Cocktail Soiree At The Bowery Hotel

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Hello, my name is Latain Palmer and I love cocktails. So when I heard that Bowery Collective and Edible Magazine were hosting a Cocktail Soiree at The Bowery Hotel, I was like "yes please!"

The event was held on the second floor terrace of the hotel, and featured some of New York's influential taste makers in media, hospitality and cocktail enthusiasts. Guests were entertained with music, bites and tasty cocktails from curated spirit-brands. Amongst the norm, they had spicy cocktails, and ones with your selfie imprinted on it, thanks to technology. I mean, who doesn't love to look at themselves right?

As I made my way throughout the space, I made sure I took the time to sip each drink slowly. I wanted to savor every drop, the ingredients, and of course made sure I took pictures to share with you, my readers. The gallery below includes some of my favorite snapes from the event.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed your visit.

Top FAVS: TANTEO spicy cocktails

Man O' Peace: Rhum Tequila

Peach Lemonade: NOLET'S Silver

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