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🌺 Diane Von Furstenberg's International Women's Day Conference 🌺


How did you celebrate International Women's Day?

(please leave a comment and let me know :-)

For me, I spent the day at Diane Von Furstenberg's studio. DVF hosted the day with multiple panelists in a two-part session, morning and afternoon. The panelists were all women who shared their success stories, and gave empowering talks on owning their truths. Topics range from fashion, to showbiz, and politics.

The first session began with an introduction to author Rupi Kaur (The Sun and Her Flowers) who performed a few spoken words. Then Diane went on to welcome the audience, and set the tone for the day ahead with the theme for being "In Charge." After Diane, came the first few panelists covering fashion and politics. One of the ladies in fashion states, "know what you're creating if you're going to be working in fashion." They went on to emphasize that it's important to support each other; how important it is for women to have the right representation in whatever field they are in. "When you uplift other women you uplift yourself."

Then came the afternoon sesh with opening panelists Anna Diop (actress from Titans and Us), Naturi Naughton (actress from Power), moderated by Lola Ogunnaike (journalist). The ladies touched on highlights from their showbiz careers, and gave insights on what it's like as a black woman making moves in Hollywood. The gist, it ain't easy, but one must take charge and push through. The tide is changing, more women are being noticed in the industry. Quote from Naturi "be unafraid to fail, and keep good people around you." I agree, having the right people around you makes all the difference. It's ok to fail, for this is how we learn. We are in charge of our experiences and rituals/lifestyle we practice from day to day. Diane Von Furstenberg stated earlier that morning "what makes us different (daily rituals) is how we do it."


Overall, the event introduced a well diverse panel of female leaders. Being in charge is always going to be a challenge, but it's ok to not know everything. As women, we need to support each other. In the words of DVF "always stay your best friend, be proud, improve yourself, be hard, disciplined and be happy to be you...enjoy you and being a woman."

Thanks DVF, I had a great time spending the day at the studio. And to my readers, thank you for sticking around thus are the best.


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