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Fat Duvall's Rhum Cafe | Best Signature Cocktails and Bites To Try In Soho

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Nestled in the heart of soho next to a fire station, and just a few feet from the Dominick Hotel is an eatery that's sure to make you feel like you're in a secluded oasis away from the city life. The name of such an eatery is called Fats Duvall's Rhum Cafe. As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by a combination of latin and Carribbevn vibes, a beautiful car mural to the left and fun beachy details like the tabletop decor/sand art terrarium pieces....such a cute n' festive touch to the overall ambiance.

Fat Duvall's Rhum Cafe hosts an extensive list of rum cocktails designed by a celebrity chef, and of course other spirits including vodka, gin, tequila, mezcal ...with a handful of selected wines + beers. The rum list curates a combination of moderately aged to light & unaged, so there's something for everyone.

For this restaurant lifestyle feature, three dishes and three crafted cocktails were sampled. First up was the jerk chicken empanadas, very tasty and easily a new favorite. Next was the cajun fried chicken sandwich with lettuce/tomato with sauce served on a very fluffy brioche bun. Ok, so now they're two new favorites... the empanadas and this sandwich, lol. Third tasting dish was the Chimichurri steak which was nice with a dash of Chimichurri sauce presented on top...presentation was nice...served with delicious fries, seasoned with just the right amount of salt n' pepper. Somebody pass me the ketchup. t👅

The crafted cocktails did not disappoint. First round was the missionary, perfect level of sweet and flavor for a tasty sip. Next up is put the lime in the coconut, served in a coconut-inspired design drink mug, very pretty though taste wise I thought it was ok. Maybe I'll have to try it again ask for a creamier version or something on my next visit (which is definitely a must for brunch or happy hour) because I do love coconut cocktails. Third was the pink flamingo aka rum punch vibes...very tasty, smooth texture as you sip, makes for a happy top two fav with the missionary.

Here are my visual breakdowns...



pineapple-infused ron colon 50/50 rum-rye, vanilla, citrus, curaçao, angostura bitters, egg white...this was good, recommended.

THE PINK FLAMINGO (rum punch vibes)

wray & nephew overproof rum, watermelon, grapefruit, guava, lime...smooth texture, tasty...recommended.

PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT (pina colada vibes)

mount gay eclipse rum, navy strength rum, coconut rhum agricole, sherry, coconut, I said this was ok for me, but worth a try.


the EATS


boneless chicken thigh, lettuce, tomato, sambal ranch, brioche bun...highly recommended.


hand-made in house...recommended


nice, served with a dash of chimichurri sauce presented on top...presentation was nice...delicious fries, seasoned with just the right amount of salt n' pepper.




So there you have it, your next restaurant find for happy hour or brunch in Soho.

Map It: 📍286 Spring Street, Soho NYC.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE blog, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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