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F I L A + V I C E | celebrating tennis in technicolor

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

To celebrate this year's US Open event, FILA + VICE hosted an immersive tennis-popup experience over the weekend. The event was held in Williamsburg, and I had the opportunity to attend the opening night. The space was designed with 3D graphic walls, a blank mural for attendees to color in, ping-pong tables, selected FILA tennis gears on display, and an open bar by Peroni & Mionetto. For the graphic walls, visuals included text, video + illustrations, and some highlighted history on FILA's original creative director, Pierluigi Rolando. In 1973, he "redefined sport style" with the use of colors to showcase the Italian brand.

Though originally founded in 1911 in Beilla, Italy...FILA became one of America's most recognizable sports brands. I remember my first pair of FILA sneakers back in the 90s, it was fire. My swag was on point, lol. It was the white classic ones, with the black outline shape. Memories.

Throughout his 12 years as creative  director for FILA, Rolando transformed two worlds into one, fashion and sports. He merged the all-white tennis tradition with bold fashionable colors, and now thanks to him, to date... FILA have produced some of tennis most iconic look.

Overall, the event was cool. The production was very nicely executed, the crowd was interactive, and the beats were on point by DJ Mistervacation. My only problem was that there were no public bathrooms made available for attendees, especially at an event where people are drinking for over two hours, via open bar.

Thanks FILA + VICE for a fun night, and the swags!


D J and the scene

F I L A nail art


Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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