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Color Factory, Light Leaks, Van Gogh | 3 Fun Immersive Art Experiences To Check Out In NYC, Stat!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

New York is known for its vibrant nature in arts and entertainment, and with so many opportunities to experience different levels of fun, it's hard to narrow things down on where to start, especially if it's gonna be a rainy weekend. There's a whole world that is dedicated to stimulating your senses via an "immersive experience." So what are immersive experiences, well they are basically curated installations created to entertain your senses from sight to sound, smell and touch. And since the city has pretty much opened back up post COVID, plus the arrival of summer, you'll want to have your list of fun things to do in New York handy for some fun-filled days ahead.... rain or shine. Here are three experiences that I've recently enjoyed, and wanted to share with you in hopes of inspiring you to go out and take charge of your lifestyle balance with some fun, regardless of the weather. So grab your tickets stat...and enjoy.

The Color Factory

If you love vibing to bright and bold colors, this is a great place to add to your day of fun things to do with the gang, or solo. The Color Factory is an exhibit that's located in Soho, and offers adults & children an immersive discovery featuring colors of the rainbow. Several rooms throughout the space invites you to explore different interactive installations, plus the option to take a photo as you make your way throughout the exhibit with a photo card you scan at designated points (given upon entering). Of course, you're welcome to use your own camera for additional pictures, and fun boomerangs.

As you make your way through the factory, you'll discover fun treats from yummy macarons to mochi ice cream for you to enjoy, and at the end of your journey a gift shop to browse through for a souvenir that will complement your experience and memories for years to come.

The Color Factory....with so many colors to explore, what will your secret color be? Mines were "soccer practice." Tickets here

Map It: 📍251 Spring Street...soho.

this was a cool room, I may have grabbed a few colors 💕

New York City in RGB -- so this was another cool room showcasing hidden

graphics throughout NYC as the colors of the room changes.👇🏾

left to right, or top to bottom....confetti room, disco room, and a lil selfie 😍

explore interesting bits about colors on this interactive wall 👇🏾

you haven't lived until you've played in a ball pit as an 😝



This experience is sure to add some sparkles to your day if you love bright and shiny things. The exhibit is called Light Leaks by artists Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan, presented by Thousand Deep (a production company). It's an immersive disco ball oasis, that feels like a mini galaxy...hosted in a space at City Point, Downtown Brooklyn. Carson Lee, co-founder and CEO of Thousand Deep spoke with me a little on the inspiration behind the production with regards to using disco balls. The inspo came from his love for disco balls over the years through different events, dancing and having fun with loved ones, he stated "they symbolize memories and expressions."

Light Leaks started back in 2013, and is usually shown in association with museums and music festivals, but this is it's first stand-alone solo exhibit in New York, that took 3 days to put together. This is an exhibit you'll want to experience for yourself, hangout and vibe to as you take in how the lighting is being reflected throughout the space. To avoid FOMO, grab your tickets here stat! They're only $10, and it all ends July 31st, 2021.

Map It: 📍445 albee square, downtown Brooklyn, NY. (you can grab a bite to eat downstairs at the food courts/DeKalb Market Hall)


Van Gogh | The Immersive Experience

I'm sure you've heard that name before, at least once throughout your art classes in school. Van Gogh, born on March 30, 1853 in the Netherlands, and died at the age of 37 on July 29, 1890 via self-inflicted gun shot wound to the stomach. To celebrate his legacy and art work, The Van Gogh Immersive Experience located at Battery Park invites guests to "step into a virtual experience of more than 300 of Van Gogh’s sketches, drawings, and paintings, dramatically displayed on four-story high projections, over 15,000 sq ft of projection surface, all made possible by state-of-the-art video mapping technology." One of my favorite rooms was this big 360 room that made me feel like I was inside the painting, and the VR room which took me on a beautiful virtual stroll through time and his art. If you're a fan of Van Gogh, or just love the arts in general, you'll definitely appreciate this curated immersive Van Gogh exhibit NYC.

The experience is hands-free, and is suitable for a wide audience of all ages to gain an intimate understanding of the Post-Impressionist genius and his work. Tickets here

See it IRL for yourself

Map It: 📍300 Vesey Street, Battery Park.

360 rooms with moving wall and floor images, socially distanced 👇🏾

Visual experience from the point of entry.... 3D sunflower staircase that leads into the check-in area, followed by a giant 3D head with visual transformations, followed by the live rooms.

So there you have it, three fun things to do in New York this weekend, rain or shine.

Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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