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GupShup Indian Restaurant | 3 Best Signature Cocktails + Bites To Try In NYC

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Let's hop on a train to the union square area, and discover one of their hidden gems that's sure to make an impression. For this discovery, allow me to introduce GupShup, an upscale two-story Indian restaurant reminiscent of Old Bombay. The word GupShup essentially means chit-chat, gossip a gathering atmosphere for having conversations. The decor inside offers an intimate dining experience, creating an upscale ambiance with large art works, draping lights, earth + jewel tones, and black/white checkered floor tiles. Outside seating offers more of a casual vibes with floral installations, umbrella art, and a red & yellow bicycle art display. It's quite the cute little spot.

Now that you've been given the visual rundown, let's dive into another sensory delight....the taste. To start, the first cocktail I had was just delightful. It was the "AKELA KELA" with banana chip infused redemption bourbon, banana du bresil liquer, soursop juice, toasted basmati rice infused cream of, more please! It was so smooth, and tasty...highly recommended. The second drink was equally delicious. It's called "DIRTY PINEAPPLE"....the best way I can describe it is like sipping a bouquet in a garden, served in a tall glass. It's so refreshing, just the right level of sweetness, and very flavorful. Ingredients includes El Tesoro Blanco Tequila, garam masala-washed pineapple, hibiscus, and lime. Third drink in was the "BOMBAY PEACOCK SOCIETY"...spring 44 Gin, black cardamom infused honey, egg white, lemon. I've always fancy cocktails with egg white on top, decorated with something artsy. This was very nice as well, but third favorite.

Cocktails aside, the bites were yummy too. First up was the GupShup Fried Chicken, with a chili honey glaze sauce for drizzling over the pieces. Then there was the Paneer Cheese Rolls with coriander pesto, and chili mango chutney. And last but not least, the Awadhi Lamb Chops served with rice, lime wedge and chili onions. Of the three bites bites sampled, my favorite was the cheese rolls.

Here are the visual breakdown...


the EATS

(left to right, or top to bottom)

Lamb Chops -- Cheese Roll -- Fried Chicken


GupShup is a gem to be experienced, and I hope that when you do, you'll enjoy it as

much as I did.

Map it: 📍115 East 18 street, New York

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