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KINDER bueno Sweeteasy | A Speakeasy Style POP-UP

Kinder bueno held a speakeasy styled pop-up over the weekend called "Sweeteasy." It was an experience that had you melting over how delicious these bars are, while creating a sensory journey from one room to the next. The rooms were themed to highlight the layers of the chocolate bar, from the "crispy wafer" and "creamy hazelnut" to the overall sensation of simply enjoying a bite.

"Sweeteasy" overall was super chill, I enjoyed the giant kinder bar slide, the live jazz band, getting a chocolate reading, and making a chocolate cocktail at the kinder bueno bar. I couldn't get enough of kinder... saaaay if the PR reps happens to stumble across this post... think I can get a goodie box (ahem, a large one) of bars?

Recommended ways you can enjoy Kinder Bueno.

• placing a full bar in hot chocolate, or breaking off into four pieces

• adding a full bar to a creamy cocktail, spiked eggnog and/or coquito

• placing a few pieces by the nightstand for a quick munch

• breaking off into four pieces and top your favorite ice cream, then drizzle with chocolate syrup

What are some other ways you can experience this treat? Comment and let me know.

Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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