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Kokomo | 5 Signature Cocktails + Bites To Try In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

If you're looking for a place to dine and vibe to, you need to hit up Kokomo Restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn stat! The restaurant offers a tasty collection of Caribbean cuisine, and mouth-watering island inspired signature cocktails. KoMo, my new nickname for the restaurant, is black-owned by couple Ria and Kevol Graham. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevol for a few minutes prior to my tasting, and he was such a welcoming spirit with warmth, a smile and good hospitality. The staff was very courteous, from the manager, host and my waitress (Melissa) was very lovely as well. As you enter the space, your senses are entertained by summery vibes via the sounds of laughter, a mix of reggae & R&B jams, and neighboring visuals of some Caribbean favorites like Caribbean snappers, rice & peas and rum punches...the punches are a staple for happy hour in mango or tropical flavors. From the ambience to the decor, Kokomo makes for a great date, brunch or happy hour spot. The outside seating area lines the streets with colorful furnishings, a mural, and wooden details setup to seat parties of two or more, socially distanced. Inside vibes presents a mix of dark and brightly-lit areas with a sunroof. Being as though it was a bright and warm day out, it felt good to be in such an establishment where you know it's about to go down. Waitress, "are you ready to be seated?" Me: Yes please. For the tasting I sampled five of their signature cocktails and two dishes. First up was the rasta pasta flatbread pizza with shrimp on top. Oh, ma gawd! This was sooooo good. This was definitely a flatbread for the win in my books. It's one of those really good food you either eat before sex or after. It puts you in the mood, or treats that after sex craving. Hint hint, the Williamsburg Hotel is right next door....sooooo, ahem. Just saying. Thank me later. Second bite was the Canadian Salmon Filet. This was a tasty dish too; it came with mashed potatoes and broccolini. The filet had a bbq like sauce, so that was nice with the butteriness of the potatoes. As for the drinks, well...they were just delightful. They're listed in order of favorites below with ingredients. All are highly recommended. For the last drink though, just be sure to mention that they add less bitters...mines was a bit on the bitter side, but still a good drink.



Penne pasta in creamy kokomo sauce with island spices, mixed peppers and cilantro


with pureed yuca mash and broccolini


• RUDE GYAL Banks 5 rum, Rocky's clarified milk punch, honey homemade blackberries & St-Germain granita, lemon juice

• WE LIMIN' Grey goose, St Germain, lime juice, guava cordial, black pepper...the pepper presentation sprinkled over small squares of ice was nice

• BLOUSE AND SKIRT Cazadores tequila or illegal mezcal, martini bianco, Lemon, agave, watermelon

• U REMIND ME Hennessy, peach combier, honey, lemon juice

• JUNGLE BIRD Bacardi 4, campari, pineapple juice, lime juice...loved the green leaf that looks like a bird's tale for the presentation here

The SWEETS • RAISIN BREAD PUDDING served warm with a scoop of ice cream topped with whipped, pineapple and raspberries cubes


So there you have it, Kokomo Restaurant is the newest digs in Williamsburg Brooklyn to hit your palette for tastier days to come.

Map It: 📍65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn NY

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