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MACYS 95 Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hello lovers, hope you had great thanksgiving with friends and family, and if you celebrated alone, hope it was a great thanksgiving as well.

Have you ever been to the MACYS Thanksgiving Day Parade? I've been going for the past few years alone, and I have enjoyed every's FUN to view in person. As long as I have a good spot for viewing, and I'm dressed nice and warm (based on how cold it is) with my camera to snap a few pics for content, I'm happy. I looove seeing the balloons, and seeing what kind of new floats they'll create each year in addition to tractional floats like Santa's sleigh at the end of the parade to signal the official start to Christmas. This year I had to bring a little stool to stand on, since ya girl is short and needed some height to see Getting that content is no joke...hehe, but I love it.

Here are a few of the balloon and floats t I snapped to share with you.

Enjoy :-)


Hope you enjoyed the handful of snaps I've shared with you. Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain you with my experiences.

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