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Mezzo Spritz Launch | Cocktail Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Summer is here, so spritz yourself with something new. Mezzo Spritz virtue cider, a "classic Italian cocktail, with an American twist." Sounds tasty, and interesting right? Well, to spread the word of it's arrival, a launch party was held at The Jane Hotel here in New York. It was a launch that had the guests eating pizza, and sipping the spritz three ways; there were mezzo spritz with vodka, with gin, and/or just straight-up from the can. I had the spritz with vodka, garnished with a thin orange slice. My thoughts, it was ok. I only wished the bartender would have been able to add some agave/simple syrup to sweeten the cocktails ( but he couldn't since the sweetener wasn't a part of the event's open bar mix). Also, the drink could have used a dash of another mixer of some sort, then it would have made the experience perfect. Nevertheless, it was a cool event. If you're looking to try something new, this could be a hit. Just remember to drink responsibly if you're going to get crafty with the spirits.

Thanks Mezzo Spritz for having me.

Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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