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New York International AUTO SHOW 2023

The New York International Auto Show held it's press preview on April 5th & 6th, and so I had the opportunity to snap a few contents for a sneak preview of what to expect during the show. If you’re a car enthusiast you’ll appreciate the mix of luxury, sports and everyday cars + vans for your viewing pleasure, or if you’re in the market to buy new wheels.

Expect to see some classics like the back to the future car displays, and "never-seen-before cars, trucks, crossovers and EVs as you navigate and explore the Show." Over 700+ vehicles will be on site, plus immersive exhibits and test tracks by brands like TOYOTA, FORD, and HYUNDAI for guests to enjoy. Go with a little patience as I'm sure there’ll be lines for the test tacks.

The Auto Show is open to the public from April 7th to 16th.

ENJOY the sneak preview below, and check out the link at the end for ticket info..

One of my favorites, FORD.



The NISSAN ARIYA Exhibit was so beautiful with active /falling cherry blossoms

Spring + Winter Scenic Installations

TOYOTA activation for car racers.

I had fun with this, drove for like 10’s somehow relaxing.

NINTENDO van for all the nintendo lovers.

The SUBARU National Park Activation

The SUBARU was one of the best brand scenic installations on display with 3D walls, and a live floor for cool visual effects. There was this cute little corner in which I sat for a few minutes, and of course snapped a selfie.

Photo Cred: By Latain Palmer

There you have it, experience the whole curated collections in person.

Opens April 7th through the 16th at The Jacob Javits Center.

Visit here for more on tickets and time.

Hope you enjoyed the read at LALOVE blog, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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