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No Pants Subway Ride | NYC

Sundays are meant for sleeping in late, having breakfast in bed, bingeing on your favorite tv shows, cleaning, cooking, or doing absolutely nothing...aka #lazysundays. But what about wearing no pants during the winter on a NYC subway train? Well, that's just what happened over the weekend; a group of improv enthusiasts gathered in lower Manhattan at Foley Square for the 19th annual "No Pants Subway Ride."

The event was created by the comedy group "Improv Everywhere" in New York back in 2002, and has now became a major hit in cities across the globe including England, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Tokyo, and many more. The idea behind the event is to make people laugh by having organized (seemingly random) pantless goers hop on assigned trains/cars, and act normal being on their phone, reading, etc. If someone asked about being pantless, the answer would be somewhere along the lines of "oh, I forgot my pants at home," or "it was getting too hot."

This was my first run for "No Pants Subway Ride," and it was fun. It felt great being apart of something that's International, and fun with some cool peeps. Will I try it again in 2021, that's to be determined. Let's see what the weather will be like next year, until then, hope you enjoy the pictures I took below.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I do recommend the experience. It's great with friends, but if you decide to go'll definitely make some new ones.

Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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