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NYFW The Events | Recap on Two Fun Immersive Experiences...Kate Spade + REVOLVE Gallery

New York Fashion Week came and went with a festive vibe for designers showing their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. In addition to the shows that happened across town from springs studios, Harlem, and the Empire State building, there were fun-filled immersive fashion pop-ups that took place for the public to enjoy. There were fashion talk panels, venues that partnered with afterpay (a NYFW sponsor) where you buy now, pay later...freebies given on the street like ice cream, and such...and of course the immersive pop-ups I'm writing about now.

With so many of these festives happening, it was hard to keep track and attend them all, however I was able to attend two of them...and so I wanted to share/entertain you with my experiences.

The Kate Spade Apple Orchard

So Kate Spade treated New York with an interactive orchard in the heart of the meat packaging district, Gansevoort Plaza. The event lasted for three days, and served as an homage to the city's resilience from the past year, plus of course her fall 21 collection. It was definitely a place to hangout with family and friends while picking some free tasty apples to go. Of course the orchard was designed for photo ops with oversize + smaller crates of fresh apples off to the sides, with Kate's logo stamped on each. The entrance to the experience featured Kate's logo, and the surrounding neighborhood served as urban backdrop.


The REVOLVE Gallery

Ok, so the REVOLVE Gallery was a two-tier experience. The first experience was the fashion show which I wasn't able to attend, guest list capacity :( ....and the second part featured an immersive fashion collection, hence "the gallery." This was one of the best fashion gallery I've been to. Each room gave a different vibe, and installation details included fresh spreads of flowers, a self-care room with his/hers wellness goodies and lemons. Kudos to the production, set design, fashion curator and creative direction team for putting together the rooms/visuals for this experience.

From the moment I entered the space I was welcomed by brand ambassadors, and between their excitement and mines...I couldn't wait to share my experience with you. I hope you enjoy the few snaps I've captured below.

Different rooms featuring designer collections 👇🏾

Photo opp aka instagramable rooms 👇🏾

Double the Influencers, twice the fun 💕

At the end of the gallery, there was a live DJ spinning tunes as you shop. How fun right?!

Hope you enjoyed the recap, until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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