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Updated: Sep 21, 2021


MUKZIN HARBIN (designed by Kate Han) presented it's FW20 collection on February 6th, first day of Fashion Week New York at Spring Studios. The call time, 9am. Super early right, well that's NYFW for ya. The use of colors and ornamental prints were used to "reimagine traditional chinese culture through contemporary design."

Below are some of my favorite pieces from EACH collection...enjoy.


Fashion Hong Kong FW20

Fashion Hong Kong is a series of international promotions for Hong Kong's emerging designers and brands, hosted by HKTDC. On February 6th, 3 designers showcased their FW20 collection... Harrison Wong -- Sun=Sen -- Heaven Please+.

Heaven Please +

For this brand, the collection is inspired by "idea of a modern woman, by the Princess of Wales and traditional British royal costumes," transforming "elegant details from traditional pieces into modern daily wear."

Sun = Sen

Known for using "individuality" as a source of inspiration, empowering women to break through social stereotypes...the FW20 collection is inspired by an alien character name "nice ghost" aiming to "encourage people to express themselves."

Harrison Wong

Through the use of colors and textures, Harrison's collection were inspired by abstract art. My favorite pieces are as follows, starting with this trench coat with the pop of blue layer.

view full fashion hong kong collections here


Concept Korea FW20

Concept Korea returns to NYFW to showcase their three highly respected designers for FW20. This marks my second time experiencing the collective showcase from last season SS20 with designers LIE, LEYII and IISE. If you're not familiar with Concept Korea, they are a government sponsored fashion show that aims to raise awareness amongst Korean designers outside of Korea.




Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

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