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Rebel Cafe | 5 Cocktails + Bites To Try In Williamsburg Brooklyn

Rebel Cafe and Garden is another spot you'll want to add to your list of Brooklyn restaurants,Williamsburg. The ambience offers instagramable backdrops featuring several seating corners decorated with faux florals, neon light signs and 3D wall arts. The venue serves as an event space, and features three main areas including the bar/cafe, the insta-worthy space mentioned which is an extension from the cafe into an outdoor space, and a club downstairs called The Rose.

The Rose has it’s own entrance from the cafe, and as you enter the space you'll notice the rose wall at the entrance... darkly-lit with framed artworks, and moody lightning.

Between The Rose Club and Rebel Cafe, you can easily spend hours here over signature cocktails + bites via happy hour, and then head downstairs to the dance floor after dark. Which means 21 and over after 7.30pm. Oh, did I mention there's a live DJ spinning tunes at the cafe/garden, so there's definitely a vibe with live music and good BK bites.

For this tasting feature, five cocktails and four bites were sampled. Let's start with the bites. First up was the garlic buffalo wings, then shrimp tacos, shrimp tempura and fried artichoke. I really enjoyed all, just wasn't a fan of the fried artichoke. For the drinks, there were definitely some favorites where taste and strength outweighed the others.

Per usual, here are my visual breakdowns... enjoy :-)



Hellfire was deliciously sweet and spicy, totally recommended.

Bushwick garden was good too, recommended.

Strawberry dreams tops my top 3 favorite, recommended for sipping via brunch and/or happy hour in the garden...I especially enjoyed the muddled strawberries .

Watermelon sugar :-) This wasn’t as strong, and bold in taste as I'd prefer, so it

was ok for me.

Brooklyn Sour, not pictured...comes in at number five. Again, this wasn’t as bold and strong in taste as I'd if you like very subtle drinks, you probably won’t mind as much.


the EATS

I appreciate a good shrimp taco in general, but I personally feel as though there could have been some more seasoning to the shrimp, enhanced by the sauce that came with it. You may not mind as much.

The Garlic Buffalo Wings were good 😋

I'm all for these shrimp tempura, comes with a sweet n' tangy sauce.



Rebel Cafe & Garden is a vibe to be experienced, between the cafe, garden space with a live DJ, and The Rose are sure to have a good time.

Map it: 📍2 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn New York.

Until next time, thanks for reading LALOVE, your vertical that’s here to inspire, share and/or entertain with my experiences.

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