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Renaissance Harlem Restaurant | 4 Signature Cocktails + Small Bites To Try

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

**renaissance harlem restaurant collaboration**

If you're looking to explore new restaurants, and add to your list of tasty cocktails and delicious small bites to try, check out The Renaissance Harlem Restaurant. You'll have to be willing to travel uptown, but I promise you'll enjoy your visit. The outdoor setup is pretty nice, and because the restaurant is located on the corner of the block, there's two sides to choose from for your seating preference whilst practicing social distancing.

Last week, I visited the space for a tasting of their signature cocktails along with two small bites, and I was very pleased. Our host Valentine welcomed us (myself and another editor from VOLATILE) with kindness, and was very courteous throughout the evening. The menu offers a variety of American and African style cuisine, with a selection of wines, beers and cocktails to choose from.

To start, I ordered the Caribbean Breeze which was very delicious and nicely garnished, then went on to order a few bites and more drinks.


Caribbean Breeze (highly recommended)

• burial supremo, hibiscus, muddled strawberry and lime.

Refreshingly sweet, the muddled strawberries made this drink pop, and the garnishes complimented it well.

Pear + Elderflower Martini (highly recommended)

• pear vodka, st. Germain and citrus

This was sweet & tasty as well, but presentation was blah...would have liked something added, maybe a slice of pear + a cherry on a stick.

Harlem Romance (highly recommended)

• virgil kaine bourbon, mezcal, roasted pineapple and citrus

Very delicious, sweet, taste of roasted/smokiness, but again presentation was blah. An actual roasted pineapple slice in the drink, or split onto the rim would have brought the drink to life in addition to the orange slice.

Renaissance Lemonade

• croft pink port, fresh strawberry and mint

refreshing, taste like any other lemonade

Feeling Good (recommended)

• high west bourbon, grand marnier, luxardo, maple syrup, and peychauds bitters

Old fashioned with a twist using the maple syrup...very strong, definitely a gentleman's drink. Would have loved some cinnamon sticks in addition to the orange for garnish.


Grilled Octopus

• fingerling potatoes, wilted spinach, and brussel sprouts

This was delicious, loved the octopus and potatoes...highly recommended


• white bean fritters with North African spicy sauce

OMG, this was so good. This pairs nicely with the Caribbean Breeze, gives off a nice island vibe especially when seated next to the greenery.

So there you have it, overall another great experience with some added favorites for you to try.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


Latain Palmer

lifestyle editor | blogger

Photos and design by Latain

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