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Settepani | 4 Fall Cocktails To Try In Harlem

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Settepani uptown Harlem is a family-owned business with an Ethiopian and Italian background. They're a neighborhood staple that serves up dishes made with ingredients from local community farms, and partners like Mike's Hot Honey which is drizzled on one of the pizza tasted.

The space remains as an outdoor dining experience for now, and of course seatings are spaced appropriately. If you're in the mood for a little garden esque seating, there's a cute setup to the side of the venue with white tents and tropical greenery. For the tasting, we had two pizza pies, and four cocktails.

the eats PIZZA

Siciliana D'Harlem

• Eggplant, ricotta salata, basil, and Mike’s Hot Honey

- amongst the two, this was my favorite...the honey sauce brought it to life

Pesto Fresh

• fresh basil, and prosciutto....buttery taste



• Negroni with pomegranate ice cubes

- pretty with the cubes, but a bit too bitter for my buds

Coco Picante

• hot chocolate, rum, drizzled with mike's hot honey and whipped cream

- OMG, fall weather recommended...delicious 

Nino's Punch

• muddled cucumber, mint + peach puree, san pellegrino soda, and prosecco

- refreshing, spa like drink

Forbidden Fruit

• Hendricks gin, apple cider sorbet, and ginger beer

- really enjoyed this drink, there's a soft-served sorbet in the middle... reminds me of applesauce

Zucca Ferro

• pumpkin, whiskey, lemon juice and Harlem American syrup

- this was different, beautifully presented...but wasn't a fan 

There you have it, another uptown neighborhood delight to add to your list. Definitely check out the Siciliana D'Harlem pizza, and spiked hot chocolate.

Till next time,  thanks for reading.

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