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secret TALENTI Gelato ice cream spooneasy event


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. TALENTI gelato!

Talenti gelato hosted a speakeasy style experience called "SPOONEASY." If you're a ice cream lover like me, you needed to rsvp to the event stat, before the dreaded "sold out." Once there, the ice cream experience lasted for about an hour. Brand Ambassadors welcomed guests, then gave a lil intro as to what can be expected. Each guest were allowed to choose three flavors of talenti flavors, and one signature cocktail of their choice. Then the ice cream orders were brought to tables where guests were seated; with a newspaper style print out on the table that reads "Layers Are Here, Talenti Takes Gelato To A Whole New Level." After indulging their tastebuds, guests could then take a lil GIF like video, and get a personalized engraved spoon to take home. So Cool!

The three flavors I tried were salted caramel truffles, peanut butter vanilla fudge, and chocolate cherry cheesecake, along with a cocktail called "she's crafty" for my drink of choice. Yus! The event was put together nicely, cute and organized. My only complaint is that the engraved spoon should have been gold, to go in-line with the experience, and would just be super cute.

Three tastings, and a cocktail later...burp!

Thanks TALENTI Gelato, that was awesome.


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