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The Box House Hotel | 2 Must Try Cocktails + Small Bites To Try In Brooklyn

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The Box House Hotel is a boutique hotel and rooftop restaurant brand that offers "apartment-style" suites. It's located between the northern part of greenpoint brooklyn, and LIC Queens with views of the Manhattan skyline. When you walk through the doors, you're greeted with colorful & homey vibes via the modern decors. Once you get to the rooftop, you'll immediately notice the slight shift in your visual experience from the bright and cheerfulness in the lobby, to a more tropical focus with greeneries. Of course the space gets bright during the day, and transforms to a more dimly-lit n' chill vibes post sunset hours with heated lamps.

For this venue feature, I had the pleasure of tasting a few selections from the menu, two of their best cocktails, small bites and a special shot.



• pepitas | sweet peppers | fried chickpeas

Loved this dish, the pita bread was fresh and soft... hummus spread was clean and presentable, a delicious choice for starting off your dining experience/visit.


• Yellow fin tuna | nori | chipotle aioli | unag

loved everything about this bite, from the fin tuna, drizzled sauce and added bits of crunch atop the roll.



• tequila | mezcal | strega | elderflower | pear liqueur | lemon

This is a smoky & sweet lover, it will caress your senses if you like that kind of combo


• pierre ferrand cognac | cointreau | fresh lemon juice

BOTH drinks were amazing, and highly recommend.

Slippery Nipples Shots

• baileys and sambuca



The restaurant opens Thursday through Friday 5-10pm, Saturday 11am-4pm brunch, 5-10pm dinner, and Sunday 11am-7pm.

So there you have it, another great spot in Brooklyn to try and add to your list of NYC restaurants with heated lamps, and when you do please let me know on the gram @Lalove1010

If you’re new to the site, here are some other cocktails & bites recommendations throughout New York please subscribe for more lifestyle finds.

Latain PALMER Lifestyle Editor | Content Creator

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