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The Fanatic Screening with John Travolta + Q&A

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a special screening for John Travolta's new film, The Fanatic. The screening was held at the Landmark at 57th West, courtesy of Awardsline and Deadline.

In The Fanatic, John played a character named Moose who's a superfan to an action star, Hunter Dunbar. Moose is funny, but troubled. Throughout the film we discovered his quirks, and the boundaries he crossed to get to Hunter Dunbar.

After the screening, there was a Q&A with John moderated by Dade Hayes. John went on to discuss how he was drawn to the character about ten years ago after receiving the script, written and directed by Fred Durst (from the band limp bizkit). He stated that he really enjoyed playing much so that he would stay in character between takes. He shares with the audience "the crew loved Moose!" Joking how the crew would ask if Moose had seen any films lately.

As John and Dade giggled over the crew's love for Moose, I thought to myself "I'm sure Moose saw quite a few movies, and probably had some opinions about"

Thanks Awardsline and Deadline for having me over. You can watch The Fanatic on Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, and YouTube.

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