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The Mondrian Park Ave | 4 Signature Cocktails To Try On Park Ave

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

** mondrian park avenue collaboration

The rooftop views on top the Mondrian Park Avenue are just picture perfect, and with the new COVID guidelines in place, the outdoor seating areas are designed to give you social distance with a peace of mind.

Recently we visited The Mondrian Park Avenue for a signature cocktail and small bite tasting. We met with the associate director of sales Esther who was our personal host for the evening! As we warmed up to each other, our energy took off to a whole new level of down-to-earth professionalism. We spoke as if we knew each other from way back when, sharing cultural experiences as we sipped and compared cocktail notes. We touched on how this luxury boutique hotel has been around for just three years and has already established themselves on the renowned Park Ave. They have captured the attention of celebrity entertainers, socialites and athletes alike. We also touched on how COVID really hit hard and unexpected,  but since reopening, they are coming back strong and safely with goals to be one of the most accommodating hotels around. The city's reopening gives hope to bringing back locals and visitors to the vibrancy of the hotel, and the terrace with a cocktail in hand.

As the evening grew darker, we tasted four signature cocktails, and munched on a delicious hearty "big burger" with house fries (highly suggested paired with the "Jalisco with Love"). The menu is curated by chef Rocco Dispirito, and cocktails by Zane Harris.

Overall, our experience on the Terrace was super chill, very relaxed, and accommodating. The staff and bartenders were friendly and provided great customer service.


Pineapple Stinger

• el tequileno tequila, lime, and agave...served on the rocks

this was nice to start with, sweet and refreshing

Maison Mai Tai

• plantation xaymaca, dry orange curacao, l'orgeat, and lime...served on crushed ice this was so delicious, nicely garnished with fresh mints + dried orange dusted with sugar...

the sipping experience gave me beach, and poolside vibes

From Jalisco With Love

• casamigos mezcal, lemon, agave syrup and strawberries... served on crushed ice

sweet and smoky

Spa Day Cooler

• spring 44 vodka, lime, simple syrup, cucumber, and mint

this was refreshing, but my least favorite...reminded me of a mojito



So there you have it. If you love sipping on cocktails with a view, meet me at The Mondrian Hotel, located at 444 Park Avenue South....15th floor. When you get to the bar, ask for Koko or Zoe. These ladies know how to make a great cocktail, and will hook you up with any special request, like on the sweeter side, or extra garnishes please.

Until next time



lifestyle blogger/editor

Pictures Photographed By: Latain Palmer

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