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US Virgin Islands | 3 Fun Things To Do In St. Croix

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Holiday travels weren't the same for most people back in December 2020, for

traveling during COVID became a bit of an hassle with extreme safety measures. In adapting to my new norm of pandemic lifestyle, I decided that I wasn't going to let the status quo hold me hostage in living (in quarantine 24/7) and experiencing new things. My mental health and well being needed the escape of city life during a pandemic, so I did a bold and cautious move of taking a break with a mini vacay to the islands, the virgin islands to be specific.

Traveling safely was my number one priority, and as I planned my itinerary for the days I'd be away...I could feel the transformation (a lil shift if you will) of my mood, and overall state of being changing for the better. Not that I was depressed or anything, but damn things just felt know? First things first though, executing researches on COVID's traveling protocols from the US to the islands, then hotels vs air bnb. For testing, I had to be tested within 5 days of departure, and then upload results to the USVI (US Virgin Island) portal. My first thoughts were yikes, 5 days?! That's cutting it close being that most test results usually get back to you 3 to 4 days. Luckily, I received mines literally the next day, phew.

Hotels vs Air BnB searches became fun, and as we (my sister and I) narrowed down our searches, we paid close attention to details like how far from the beaches we'll be, number of bedrooms + baths, distance to some of our planned activities, etc. We ended up finding this really cute spot on the island of St. Croix. Two bedrooms with a queen size bed in each, two full bathrooms, and a lounge area with a smart TV...which worked great for signing in to our subscriptions for movies at the end of our daily activities. The view from our Air BnB was amazing!

views of the ocean from our private balcony at the air bnb, plus inside views ...very cottage like.

Our stay was short and sweet, but we did experience a good amount of fun activities on the island. Here are three things you should add to your travel itinerary for St.Croix USVI.

1 Visit The St. George Botanical Garden

The experience of viewing a garden on an island is so much different than viewing it in the city. The Garden is beautifully stretched across 16-acre of greenery, and is nestled amongst the ruins of the 18/19th century sugar cane plantation. If you ever plan to visit St. Croix on the virgin islands, be sure to add this stop to your list. The tours are usually self-guided, but this time around our tour was led by Amy, the director of events. Amy was very nice, and knowledgeable about the grounds of the garden. She elaborated on her years of experiences working at the garden, from the events she coordinates for adults & children, to a personal story she shared with us. Every visual turn throughout the grounds were delightful, you can feel the history whilst appreciating the beauty in the present. Some cool things to note, we spotted a baby pineapple, and came across a tree where we carved our name on the leaves.

Visit the garden

2. Ride some ATVs

If you're looking for some serious fun, and you drive, consider adding an ATV tour to your itinerary. Don't drive? No problem, neither do I, but you can coordinate the experience to have tour guides be the driver, and you just sit back & enjoy the ride.

3. Snorkeling At Buck Island

So buck island is a lil ol island 1.5 miles from St.Coix, and it’s surrounding water is just beautiful. It's a national monument with an under water park meant to be explored via snorkeling, or scuba diving. You'll spot some beautiful creatures like Nemo, puff fishes, etc. As a non swimmer, I made an attempt to try snorkeling in a 8ft deep lagoon (I was expecting waaaaay shallower waters) but I panicked and decided nope, get me out. If you’re swimmer though you'll be fine, and even if you're a non swimmer too...perhaps you'll have a better luck allowing your body to float as instructed.

after activities, relaxing day at the beach

moments on video, enjoy :-)

music, views by @iksonmusic

Traveling during a pandemic can seem daunting to some, but it may be just the thing you need to get a bounce back to some sort of normalcy. Of course if budget allows, and you take EVERY COVID safety measures, you should be fine. Think of it as an extended grocery run, waiting in line at traders joe, target You can only be so safe, time to live again.

let's fly!



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