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Walgreens Influencer Partay | Milk Studios

Walgreens held a private Influencer party at Milk Studios back in early June, and it was really nice. If you've been to Milk Studios you know that the space is great, lots of natural light to host a day party, or fashion event. For Walgreens, the event production was cute, done by The Riviere Agency. Detailed beach-themed decor placed throughout the space, brand ambassadors in denim shorts and red branded tee's, a live DJ, pro photography for taking pictures of guests regarding suncare, an oyster bar, makeup station, and of course drinks.

The swag, a branded tote bag filled with a few Walgreens goodies.

Guess I'm a Walgreen-ista now :-)

Thanks Walgreens, and the Riviere Agency for having me be apart of the event. Enjoy the snaps from the event below.



Photo Credit: Latain Palmer

5TH & 6TH photographed by Eric S. Killen

the SWAG

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