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sipping wine at WINE RIOT

If you ask me what's my fancy red, white or rosé, I'll say, "um depends on what I'm in the mood for. Just know I like my wines sweet."

At this year's WINE RIOT held in brooklyn, my friend and I had the opportunity to attend (our first time) and sample some curated wine selections. Amongst those sampled, I discovered some new favorites.

see favorite snaps in gallery below

In addition to sampling wines, we were treated with VIP access to ice cream, cupcakes, light bites and a cocktail making class with Hennessy. The only cocktail I can remember making was the French 75. Hehe :)

Over all, this year's WINE RIOT was cool. Who knew you can catch a good buzz from a few sample size tastings, especially when you hit the spot with some newly discovered favorites.

Thanks WR.

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